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Highend Ole Wancher Rosewood Desk - 0823177

Highend Ole Wancher Rosewood Desk - 0823177


Dimensions 29" H 65.5" L and 33.5" D 


Ole Wanscher Rosewood Desk

Ole Wanscher was a Danish furniture designer and architect. Ole Wanscher (1903–1985) is known for his contributions to mid-20th century Scandinavian design, particularly in furniture design and was one of the leading figures in the Scandinavian Design movement


After completing his studies, at the Danish School of Art and Design, Wanscher worked with Kaare Klint from 1924 to 1927, at which time he set up his own office, specializing in furniture design.


Wanscher was a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, a post he held until his retirement in 1973.


Wanscher's work has remained popular with furniture collectors. It has been called "delicate", "elegant", and "orderly".

In 2003, Vance Trimble, a furniture dealer and collector, staged a retrospective of Wanscher's work in New York City, which was well received.


Brazilian rosewood have been illegal to harvest since 1961 and on the U.N. CITES list of endangered spices since 1992. For each piece of rosewood furniture we import to the U.S. we need a special CITES document from the Danish government.


Vintage made in the 1950's - Recently refurbished.


There is a science behind Danish Modern design. The world famous school of design in Copenhagen have made numbers of studies from the perfect height of a chair to how deep a cabinet should be.

They also found out, that if a desk is placed against a wall, the thought process and work efficiency will lower. This is the reason why so many Danish desks are duel sided, so they can be place in the middle of a room, or facing the side against the wall.


We personally refurbish all the teak and rosewood pieces in our workshop in Jersey City. We source all our products from private homes in Denmark. Our owner Lars, travels across his native country, knocking on doors, meeting people on the street, going to markets and building a network of personal sellers.

SKU: 0823177
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    We offer free pick up at our warehouse in Jersey City. Shipping in NYC start at $145. Jersey City/Hoboken starts at $65. For longer distances please contact us for an estimate. The final price list at check out is without shipping. Please contact us at (347) 284 9992 or

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