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Danish Modern Dry Bar
Danish Modern Side Table


Our business is based on the four values:


Timeless Quality

The blending of designers, architects and cabinet makers to create furniture - yes you better believe it was built to last. While many pieces have been neglected in older homes in Denmark, the sound structure and design have lived on and we have restored them to their full glory.


Authentic Art

Celebrated globally and setting the standard for modern design, Danish modern pieces have retained and grown in value over the years. Our pieces are collected in Denmark and brought to the US. They are not copies or “inspired by” pieces but genuine Danish crafted furniture directly from Europe. So you don't just by a unique piece of art - you buy a piece of history. 


Stunning Design

Danish modern design has crossed generations due to its bold concept: an analytical approach, adapting design to modern day needs while maintaining the warmth and beauty inherent in traditional Danish cabinet making. Danish designers and architects believed that design could be used to improve people's lives providing functional and elegant pieces. 



Style is a reflection of why Denmark is the happiest nation on earth. In Denmark, life centers around "hygge". Generally translated as coziness it actually means much more in Danish. It is about a sense of peace, stability, beauty, sharing and equality.

Hygge means everyone is welcome and creating a home with warm interesting furnishings which are functional and inviting is a key to the Danish lifestyle.


So welcome and invite the world into your own design paradise.

The story behind Danish MCM Design:  

To learn more about Danish Design and the men and women who drove this industrial revolution, follow our blog to gain a deeper understanding why a piece of Denmark lives in so many elegant homes around the world.

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