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Wood Watch - Montres Denmark Green


MONTRES Denmark is an inspiring collection of watches from Denmark that reflect the natural world around us.

The fashionable time pieces are crafted of wood mirroring our surrounding nature.


What makes our watches special?

Using natural wood creates one of the lightest watches on the market. The airy feel on your wrists give you the purity of the wood. Each time piece is unique as the tree it comes from. The natural grains and colors of the woods make your timepiece one of kind – as unique as you are.


Ethics & Responsibility

We use truly responsibly wood from nature. Taken from fallen trees rather than corporate harvesting, the natural elements are preserved to take on a new life. Even though we are not taking out living trees from nature, we believe in giving back to nature. For each watch sold, a new tree is planted to ensure that longevity of our planet.

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    We offer free pick up at our warehouse in Jersey City. 


    Please contact us for an estimate on furniture shipping. We offer standard to white glove service.


    The final price at check out is without shipping cost.


    Please contact us at (347) 284 9992 or lars@lanobadesign.com