Royal Copenhagen - Marianne Johnson - Terna Plate

Royal Copenhagen - Marianne Johnson - Terna Plate

Designer: Marianne Johnson
Model Number: 142 / 2883
Producer: Royal Copenhagen
Size: wide:6½" - Height 1½"
Produced in: 1960´s

Nils Thorsson designed several production ranges for Alumina-Royal Copenhagen. Four lines in particular became tremendously popular: Solberg (1930's), Marselis (Alumina-1950's), Tenera (1960's), and Baca (1964- 70's). Tenera was a special line because of it's design diversity. Many of the motifs have the color blue in common, but the use of color, and texture, has some exquisite variations with each designer's work. Tenera's design team consisted of: Berte Jessen, Inge Lise-Koefoed, Marianne Johnson, Kari Christensen, Bethe Breyen, Grete Helland-Hansen & Johanne Gerber.
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