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Poul Volther High Boy Dresser


Producer and design: Poul Volther for FDB

Time Period: 1950´s

Dimensions: 47" height, 31" wide and 16.50" deep.

Material: Teak


About the Design:

Starting as a cabinetmaker, Volther was a strong believer in functionalism and he steered clear of fashionable trends and focused on quality materials and construction that would last for years to come. He was employed by the FDB cooperative under the leadership of both Hans Wegner and Børge Mogensen. He eventually took on the leadership role of FDB.


Volther is best known in the international design world for the Corona chair. It was first designed in 1961 and went through material and design changes over the following few years. Iconic in its design now, the original consisted of a wooden skeleton on which a series of oval cushions provided the seat and the rising back. The idea was that it would allow the body to relax in various positions. But in the 1960’s the chair did not sell well. Almost 20 years later, it was released again at furniture fairs around Europe and it again failed to catch the market. However, the design factory persisted and 36 years later it was presented again and the legend was cemented. The chair was featured at the 2002 EU Summit for presentations and staging for the political leaders. Sadly, Volther had died the year earlier but the status of the chair was already iconic. Today, it represents the most successful item from the production house.


About the Product:

Volther's work can be found in Danish homes across the country. Due to his focus on high quality material and workmanship, his furnuture became sought after peices. Please note that this dresser has been refurbished but has a small spot on the top back that could not be removed. Please see pictures

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