Kosta Boda - Contrast Plate (Large)

Kosta Boda - Contrast Plate (Large)

Designer: Anna Ehrner 
Producer: Kosta Boda
Size: wide:14" - Height 2 1/3"
Produced in: Modern age (1990-2010s)
Part of our Scandinavian Collection: We carry a few pieces that are highly fashionable in Denmark although not Danish produced. This piece comes from our Scandinavian "big brother" in Sweden.

Each Contrast piece is actually an individual work of art. No two are exactly alike due to the fact that the decorative lines and swirls are hand-applied. But like most Scandinavian pieces it is only meant to highlight your home as art but it is functional and beautiful to use everyday. The form, the glass and the painted lines are meant to work in unison to give the works depth and warmth.
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