(SOLD) Johannes Sorth Teak Dresser

(SOLD) Johannes Sorth Teak Dresser


Time Period: 1950s

Dimensions: 40" H x 39.5" W x 18" D

Material: Teak


This is pretty much the widest dresser you will find in Danish Modern design.  Homes in Denmark was small in the 1950s so there was not space for horisontal pieces, so vertical design was the commen thing. 


About the Design:

Original Danish Modern designs made in the 1950’s-60’s and feature classic mid-century designs and craftsmanship. We personally refurbish all the teak and rosewood pieces in our workshop in Jersey City.

We source all our products from private homes in Denmark. Our owner Lars, travels across his native country, knocking on doors, meeting people on the street, going to markets and building a network of personal sellers.

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