Hoptimist Baby Bee

Hoptimist Baby Bee


There are no grumpy bees here – only happy ones buzzing around. The pleasant Hoptimist Bee will prove its worth among the flowers on your windowsill.

Flowers and bees are two sides of the same coin. This cute Hoptimist Bee brings will liven up your windowsill. It is sure to spread happiness while hopping from flower to flower.  


“Hygge” direct from Denmark.

The epitome of smiles, optimism and high spirits. Gustav Ehrenreich created the happy movement in the late 1960s, which has gone on to earn itself a place in Danish design history.

That’s the whole idea behind the Hoptimists: To spread joy and bring a smile to everyone’s face!


Size: Height 7 cm (2.75 inches). Diameter 5 cm (1.97 inches)

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