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(SOLD) Erik Buck Teak Desk Chair - Model 49


Time Period: 1950´s

Dimensions: 31"High x 23.5" width/Length x 21" Deep. Seat hight 17.5"

Material: Teak


About the Design:

Danish industrial designer Erik Buch (pronounced Buck) was born in 1923 in Copenhagen. Buch’s organic and functional aesthetic resulted in furniture that spanned chairs , stools , and cabinets. 

Buch first found success with his Model 49 chair(1949). The chair, which is produced in both carver and dining chair styles, features a curved “floating” seat and a classic Scandinavian modern aesthetic.


It is believed that Buch passed away in 1973, though some sources state 1982. Little is known of his personal life, but his professional legacy remains as his designs continue to be appreciated on the vintage market for their high-quality materials, solid craftsmanship, and Scandinavian aesthetic.

SKU: 20193-544