Bing and Grøndahl - Boy with Accordion Figurine

Bing and Grøndahl - Boy with Accordion Figurine

1. assortment. Made in the years between 1915 and 1947. Unlike most of the other models for sale that are made after the 70's. Size: 12" tall (29cm)

Maybe you think of your grandmother when you see these antique figurines. But forget about that old fashion way of decorating your home - add them in a new context and make them a new twist to a modern home. Many hotels and restaurants now mix modern design with antique plates and figurines like the Citizen M hotel in New York.

It’s a piece of art and will most likely keep it’s value or even increase in price.

Bing and Grondahl is a Danish manufacturer of porcelain, founded in 1853 in Copenhagen by the brothers Meyer Herman Bing, Jacob Herman Bing and FV Grondahl. From early 1900, Bing & Grondahl had a rich production of underglaze-decorated ornaments and figurines of animals and people.
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